Windows Whatsapp Without Phone 2.2228.14 + Portable

Windows Whatsapp Without Phone

Windows Whatsapp Without Phone is an extension for the app WhatsApp mobile allows you to shoot and admit dispatches from the comfort of desktopyour.Just install WhatsApp on your pc and overlook the QR law from the mobile operation WhatsApp and all the exchanges and your connections will be suitable to pierce from your computer to your office.

also, they will be automatically synced to all your exchanges on your computer also available on yourphone.The Windows interpretation supports converse, group converse, attachments, as well as share prints and vids.

The sanctioned WhatsApp desktop operation has been available for Windows operating systems for quite some time, but the operation is formerly available. The operation can attend dispatches between the Windows Whatsapp Without Phone operation on your smartphone and desktop, so you can continue your exchanges or start new bones from your Windows PC.

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Windows WhatsApp Free Download

Features of Windows WhatsApp Free Download

Using WhatsApp for Windows

  • Win WhatsApp acted as an extension of our Smartphone, which demanded to run the mobile app for it to work. We placed our phone close to the computer for the stylish experience, but we could as well leave it in the fund after the original setup. Windows Whatsapp Without Phone
  • When we launched the app for the first time, we demanded to overlook a QR law with its mobile counterpart. We pressed the Menu button on the mobile app and tapped WhatsApp Web, which allowed us to overlook the law on the computer.
  • Once we had scrutinized the law, all the exchanges on our mobile app were loaded onto the desktop interpretation. We didn’t manually add any contact, as the program intimately imported them from the phone. We seamlessly continued with our exchanges from the computer, where typing was more accessible. In addition to using a large keyboard, we had access to all keyboard lanes, which made our work indeed easier. Windows Whatsapp Without Phone
  • We could shoot dispatches, filmland and attachments, record voice dispatches and manage our communication history from the computer. The program saved our dispatches, and we didn’t need to worry about missing pushed announcements.
  • The Menu option on the mobile app allowed us to view all web and desktop guests logged into our account.


  • WhatsApp for Windows allows druggies to pierce their favorite mobile runner on the desktop, from where they get it more accessible to use. PC WhatsApp must be running on their smartphones for them to use the desktop interpretation, which reflects what appears on the mobile counterpart.

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WhatsApp For Windows 2.2222.12 | 32 bit | File Size: 117 MB

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Portable WhatsApp For Windows 2.2202.12 | 32/64 bit | File Size: 196 MB

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