R-Drive Image 7.0 Build 7004 + BootCD

R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image is a potent mileage furnishing fragment image lines creation for backup or duplication purposes. A fragment image train contains the exact, byte-by-byte dupe of a hard drive, partition or logical fragment and can be created with colorful contraction situations on the cover without stopping Windows OS and thus without interposing your business. These drive image lines can also be stored in a variety of places, including colorful removable media similar as CD-R (W)/ DVD, Iomega Zip or Jazz disks,etc.

R- Drive Image restores the images on the original disks, on any other partitions or indeed on a hard drive’s free space on the cover. To restore system and other locked partitions R- Drive Image is switched to thepseudo-graphic mode directly from Windows or bootable interpretation created by the mileage is launched from CD slice or diskettes.

Features of R-Drive Image Free Download

  • A simple wizard interface – no in-depth computer management skills are required.
  • Commands in the shortcut menu to perform some disk actions, like restoring data from an image file and connecting an image as a virtual disk directly from Windows explorer.
  • Image files are created on-the-fly, no need to stop and restart Windows. All other disk writes are stored in a cache until the image is created.
  • Images can be created for storage devices with removable media
  • Images can be burned on CD/DVD recorders directly from the program
  • Image data can be compressed to save free space.
  • Image files can be stored on removable media. Support for USB 2.0 devices in the startup mode.
  • Images can be split into several files to fit the type of the storage medium.
  • Image can be created incrementally and differentially.
  • Image files can be password-protected and contain comments.

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R-Drive Image Free Download

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R-Drive Image 7.0 Build 7004 | File Size: 89 MB

UsersDrive | Uploadrar | Direct

R-Drive Image BootCD 7.0 Build 7004 BootCD | File Size: 68 MB

UsersDrive | Uploadrar | Direct

Password: 123

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