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HDClone Software

HDClone Software is a dependable operation designed to back up, clone, dupe or restore disks and partitions, furnishing an easy to use interface to make the whole process safer and briskly.

verity be told, this is n’t the stylish interface we ’ve seen, but it may come in handy to newcomers because it has been developed as a wizard, so you just need to follow some way to get the job done.
HDClone Unlock Edition can back up, recover and reduplicate disks and partitions, counting on a long list of features to help your in this regard.

Backups, for case, can done extremely easy because HDClone Pro Edition saves the data as a fragment image, with options similar as word protection, data encryption and RAW image creation.

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HDClone Free Download

Features of HDClone Free Download

NEW Partitionselect

Allows to elect one or further partitions of a fragment to transferred, without having to copy all the partitions. This also saves space on the target drive, making it possible to use a lower target or using the fresh space for the remaining partitions. The special thing about Partitionselect that transfers the needed data in one single step, no matter what sizes the partitions have or how arranged. therefore, copying the partitions plus other adaptations will perfomed with nearly no redundant time needed and HD- Clone will still work at its maximum speed.

train images – Smart, RAW, compressed, translated – NEW QuickCompress

Rather of a direct dupe from medium to medium, you can also store an exact image of medium in a train image. Voluntarily, the image may created compressed or translated. With QuickCompress, this requires nearly no redundant time for compressing. These train images can stored, archived, or transmitted via network and the Internet. They can restored 11 to a medium which also behaves just like a direct dupe had been made. VMDK images can be directly used as drives in VMware virtualization software. HDClone also creates a VMX train automatically.

Miray Virtual Fragment( MVD) – NEW penetrating network shares directly

From the Basic Edition on, HDClone includes the software “ Miray Virtual Fragment ”(» interpretation overview). You can use this software to mount train images that have created with HDClone as virtual Windows drives. This allows you to pierce lines and flyers in an image directly without having to restore the image to a physical fragment ahead. Images can penetrated read-only or writeable.

Defragmentation ‘ on the cover ’ for NTFS & FAT

HDClone can perform a perfect defragmentation on NTFS and FAT volumes during copying or restoring from a train image. This defragmentation only needs a bit of the time generally needed for defragmentation. Hence, it consumes nearly no fresh time compared to the copying itself.
HotCopy & LiveImage
HDClone now can produce clones and train images of drives and partitions during Windows operation – indeed for the system volume.

Faster with SmartCopy mode

HDClone creates logical sector clones( SmartCopy) of FAT, NTFS, and ext2/ ext3/ ext4 train systems in only a bit of the time generally demanded – yielding an original result. SmartCopy can reduplicate an entire Windows XP base installation in lower than 20 seconds for illustration.

AutoExpand – upsizing ‘ on the cover ’

Let HDClone upsize your FAT, NTFS, and ext2/ ext3/ ext4 partitions automatically on the cover during copying.

Downsizing ‘ on the cover ’ for NTFS & FAT

Have HDClone reduce your NTFS and FAT partitions automatically on the cover during copying. This allows you to acclimate partition sizes during cloning or to resettle to lower media. Perfect for migrating to( generally lower) SSD drives.

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