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Alfa eBooks Manager Web

Alfa eBooks Manager Web

Alfa Ebooks Manager web is an easy- to- use program and helps you organize books on your hard drive, if you want to index a collection of books no matter what size, this software will be happy to help. In general, I liked the operation, it’s veritably easy to add a new book from both a PC and download from a web source, as far as I understand, the hunt is on Amazon.

Each book can also be edited, change the data any to your requirements. Everything looks swish, like a store with a bookshelf, also there’s a accessible hunt, there are a lot of settings for all feathers of effects, look precisely at the screenshots and understand this.

Alfa eBooks Manager Professional also is the ideal software result for those druggies who are serious collectors of virtual books or are veritably active compendiums. This software itself is a veritably accessible and advanced register, able of sorting books and making it easy to work with them.

So now, rather of keeping a large number of textbook lines on your computer, it’ll be easier to install this program. After all, all books will be sorted according to special parameters, and at the same time will have their own unique cover, which looks further aesthetically pleasing than a roadway to extensions.

Also, it also has its own hunt machine, which is designed to snappily find the right book. This tool is veritably protean and useful, because it has the capability to set pollutants, for the fastest hunt for particulars in the system.

Features of Alfa eBooks Manager Web Full Download

  • Get your paper, electronic, and audiobooks in a single e-library.
  • Catalog any book data. Add tags and custom fields.
  • Customize the look and feel of your e-Library.
  • Scan your computer for ebooks, and parse metadata.
  • The built-in ebook reader supports all popular ebook formats.
  • Update books from Amazon, Google, and other sites.
  • All popular formats are supported: EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, and AZW.
  • Convert ebooks for your Kindle, iPhone, or Android reader.
  • Play with realistic 3D models of your favorite books.
  • Alfa is the best Calibre alternative for those who like comfort.
  • Access your library in a local network, even from mobile devices.
  • Quickly add, and organize audiobooks. Built-in audiobook player.

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Alfa eBooks Manager Web Full Download

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